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Travvil – Global Travelers Community

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a community of people traveling locally and globally visiting and exploring countries around the world, adhering to the principles of sustainable tourism and the environment. In return for their activity in the community offered them a Travvil Global Traveler Card and application with full of benefits, discounts and tips from partners, vendors, merchants and local guides.

Our Vision

Our vision is also based on engagement in creating the Travvil community and implementing the assumptions. The greater the activity of a community participant, the greater the benefit he or she receives, and offers that are not available at lower levels of activity.

We create an ecosystem of organizations and firms for Travvil community based of blockchain revolution and artificial intelligence.

Our Cards

  • Your expenses while traveling abroad are always free without hidden bank charges
  • Global benefits buying airlines tickets, hotels and tours
  • Discounts system at local shopping and sport centers, taxi, restaurants, and spas
  • First Global Travels Card based on cryptocurrencies and currencies linked with loyalty program

Our Application

  • Integration with third-party payment wallets or services
  • Instant payments and Cashbacks
  • Loyalty programs depending your needs and plans based on Artificial intelligence
  • Loyalty points wallets based on Travvil token


  • You travel alone or with your family or friends
  • You can see travel expenses in your yearly budget
  • You hate waste your money and time
  • You are looking for solutions to travel better, pick up the best places and offers, keep your budget tight
  • You do not understand why your loyalty points in your favorite system expired

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Travvil token based on the most know blockchains

Easy exchange

Supported interbanks currencies exchange rates

Unlimited and free currencies exchange

Exchange as much as You have to

Fully liquid

Unlimited money and points transfers

Global payment cards

Issued by the global operator. Prepayment cards and debit cards

Best international travel insurance

Travvil cards and app have one of the best global travel insurance

Global cashback system

Based on the most know global cashback system from payment operator

Global system of local benefits and bonuses

Linked with global system of bonuses but also cards and app work with Travvil points platform


Millennials lead the way

  • Full cultural immersion through cuisine, local hotspots, and activities
  • Choices – from the opportunity to connect through mobile experiences or engage face-to-face, to an assortment of amenities packages. Flexibility, independently, highlight authentic experiences and recommendations from friends and family
  • Online presence as a priority

Female solo travel

  • Word of mouth is the best tool to attract more women to interact
  • Safety and customized environment for female customers as a key to success
  • Solo female travelers to meet one another – If there’s anything more empowering than traveling as a solo female, it is meeting others and sharing stories

The new wave of family vacations

  • A place they have never experienced before but with the best value and group rates
  • A relaxing or beach experience with captured memories on photos
  • A chance to eat unique cuisine

Boomers – the boom of seniors travel

  • Bucket list and hassle-free experiences in safe and value for money way
  • Experiences easily accessible and straightforward
  • Authentic and high-quality trips with a focus on a budget is a key factor

Many thanks to Trekksoft raport 2017.

Global Tourism Snapshot – Travvil potential clients

Travvil coins for everybody

Travvil for Tourism Industry

We are convinced that the tourism industry is one of the first to undergo a major transformation in the coming years. The adaptability of ordering and delivery will be even more individualized and based on objective criteria and recommendations. The bloggers and non-affiliated actors in the tourism offer structure will be even more vocal. This is where we build the enduring tools and we will reach out to our users in order to make travel easier and more accessible. Tourists using local tourism are more aware of the environment in which travelers enjoy and get benefits.

  • Smart travel technology created for modern travel agencies and bloggers.
  • Nearly a million hotels inventory in 198 countries, smart analytics and agent friendly.
  • With the power of metadata, geolocation, smart pricing and machine learning.
  • White Label creation in minutes.
  • Global support.

We create global platform for loyality in Tourism Industry

Cards & App

Our core products, Travvil Global Travel Card and the mobile application are basis of our business. The are linked with the Global Bonuses System. They can also be used by a number of our partners to support their tourism activities.

White Label web services

Our next area of service is the hotel booking and flight booking services, which we offer as a white label to each of our partners to support their business activities in the area of tourism. Using our cards and app clients, travelers have special bonuses from the beginning.

Loyalty Point System

Our own Loyalty Point System based on Travvil tokens and favors these merchant partners and end customers who are the most active in the Travvil community. The system uses Travvil coins and based on artificial intelligence.

Travvil subtokens as the Loyalty Point System

  • Your points will never expire
  • Your points are in cryptocurrency and are fully liquid
  • Your points have a value that is fully transferable
  • You can combine your points with the currency and pay jointly

Travvil – open API – Light Bank Travel Platform – Bank for Travelers only

Platform for Tourism Industry based on blockchain

  • PSD2 as a protocol for open bank API for exchange and offer our cards and app for others banks clients.
  • Blockchain to manage transfer between merchants and tourism industry actors such bloggers and tour operators, hotels, airlines and car sharings firms to end users.


To implement Travvil vision, we are launching an initial coin offering (ICO)
to issue Travvil tokens on the public blockchain.
The tokens will be issued during the pre-ICO and ICO.

The price during the ICO will depend on the total number of tokens issued during the ICO.
Tokens will be distributed to solve the capital issue so that we can build
a successful Travvil Card, App and platform for all Travelers and Tourism Industry.

Participants will receive the final amount of Travvil tokens just after the Crowdsale ends.

The amount of tokens each individual holder receives is determined by how much Travvil is able to raise.

If more funds are raised, then the individual amount each holder receives decreases, but this is compensated by an increase in Travvil value.


Below our action plan. For details send us an email and we will send you the schedule of our project. We will let you know by e-mail.


Private Sale

End 31.12.2017


Bonus Sale (15 days)

Schedule for January 2018


Crowdsale (30 days)

Schedule from January to February 2018


Market Phase

Schedule from February to March 2018


Below you will find a summary of our business plan.

$3 mln USD
Travvil Wallet ready
$5 mln USD
Travvil Card and App ready
$8 mln USD
Travvil Global Custom Care ready
$18 mln USD
Travvil Global Platform ready
$25 mln USD
Travvil Light Bank ready
$35 mln USD
Travvil Global Service Operations ready


You are already in a place where you are not much apart from joining our adventure with Travvil. In a few days the following shares will be available to you.


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Jakub Mazurkiewicz

CEO and Travvil Founder

Last years Co-owner of IT company mainly processes systems for banks, lottery operators, and telecoms. Involved in a number of transactions between China and Europe. Responsible for marketing and sales. Specialist in web business tools. Advocate of a balanced tourism. Traveler and good cuisine lover.

Linked In

Dawid Kustra

COO at Travvil

Co Founder at at CryptoCurrency World Expo. Last years Managing Director of Foreign Markets Department and acting as a strategic decision maker in the development of both forex and asset management services in one of the largest investment banking firms in Poland.
Linked In

Lukasz Paszkiewicz

Executive Advisor to the management board

Co Founder at CryptoCurrency World Expo.
Linked In


Lukasz Salwarowski

Government and Seniors area Advisor

CEO at Manko.
Linked In

Rafal Pytlak

Legal Advisor

CEO at Ozog//Pytlak
Linked In

Grazyna Bialopiotrowicz

Communication Advisor

Linked In

Rafal Jarosz

Customer Care Advisor

CEO at Customers heroes
Linked In

Agnieszka Chabrzyk

Facebook marketing & performance expert

Managing Partner Business Factory & ROI Hunter Poland
Linked In

Gina Amama

Millennials Travel and Africa Expert

Linked In

Robert Mrozinski

IT and Security Advisor

Linked In

Jarek Sygitowicz

IT Strategy Advisor

Vice President at Zencard
Linked In

Keep me informed when Travvil ICO will be ready: